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Liber8's Precision Emotional Healing plans help you unleash clarity, empower connection, and create harmony in your health & relationships.

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You are not the root of your emotional problems.

But there is a root.

The good news is...

If you're willing to lean in...

If you take the time to uncover & resolve the root...

It will be the single greatest catalyst for accelerating breakthroughs in your mental and emotional health journey. This will ripple out and transform your work and relationships.

What is the root?

The CDC did a study[1] that linked nearly every mental, emotional, and physical disease back to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

More specifically, they linked those diseases to the chronic stress experienced by your nervous system being activated over time as a result of those initial experiences.

Living with chronic stress is like having dozens of programs running in the background on your computer that aren't needed.

These programs bog down the entire system, slowing it down, and cause it to overheat.

You don't even know what your computer can do anymore.

The same goes with your nervous system.

Adverse childhood experiences create the programs bogging down your body.

Here's the craziest part:

Adverse childhood experiences aren't just referring to the big traumas.

In fact, the CDC defined emotional neglect[2] to be one of the 10 adverse child experiences that lead to poor health outcomes.

Maybe your parents were gone a lot and as a child you felt unwanted...

Then you felt the same way in middle school when you were bullied or picked on for being different...

And today, anytime your spouse chooses to spend time with his or her friends without you, those same feelings get activated...

Your nervous system cannot distinguish between these big and little traumas.

They all add to the stress you're experiencing today.

When you identify these root experiences, you can work to reduce the noise they produce.

Humans are self-healing organisms, but sometimes we end up with too much noise and too many programs running in the background, which causes the entire system to run slower.

To the point of shutdown.

Reducing the background noise produced by these root experiences is like FINALLY closing all of those programs.

And when you close down those unhelpful programs, the entire system can start functioning as it's supposed to again.

We Believe

1You are not broken. Your childhood experiences simply pulled you out of alignment, and the right practices & approaches can bring you back into balance.

2When you become aware of and relieve the wounds caused by adverse childhood experiences, you can create profound shifts in your life.

3By addressing the root causes of your emotions, you can experience more relief and freedom than by coping with symptoms alone.

The Big Problem

The concept of addressing root causes is not new. There are thousands of approaches to help reduce noise from the nervous system.

But here's the thing...

The systems impacted by childhood experiences are incredibly complex and there is no one size fits all solution.

You are unique and therefore require different tools and approaches from your neighbor.

The Solution

Precision Emotional Healing is a data-driven, personalized approach to understanding and relieving the root causes of your stress.

We begin with a root-cause analysis of your stress to generate a precision plan that can direct you towards the resources you need to align yourself on your wellness journey.

Emotional Lab Report example PDF

magnifying glass icon Get clear on the problem.

map icon Map your unique path.

plant icon Take specific action.

heart icon Feel supported in community.

clipboard icon Track your progress.

Liber8 icon Liberate your infinite self.

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"This is a game changer in the mental health world. There are very few standard of care therapy environments that can have an impact like this process can.

We cannot heal when our nervous system is in a fight or flight state. When someone is constantly in their trigger, their fear, their terror, their avoidance, their reactivity, they cannot receive whatever medicines, offerings, blessings, healings, and therapies being introduced to them. This is an effective process that brings awareness to what's keeping the body stuck in this state so that you can start to make critical changes to empower healing. The reports give immediate, tangible feedback that's measurable, quantifiable, and something that can be improved on over time."

Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, Best Selling Author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

Precision Emotional Healing is for you if:

check markYou experience fear, worry, or "negative" emotional swings

check markYou have high stress

check markYou struggle to explain why you feel the way that you do

check markYour doctor has advised you to care for yourself but you have no idea where to start

check markYou feel like you're on constant high alert

check markYou struggle with self-judgment and worthiness issues

check markYou engage in self-sabotage

check markYou sense there's an emotional root cause to your physical symptoms

check markYou feel alone, misunderstood, and unseen in your relationships

check markYou feel unclear, unsettled, or uncertain about your future

check markYou have a hard time staying motivated on your health journey

If you resonate with any of the sentiments above, please know you are not alone.

Here's the good news

When you locate the childhood experiences holding you back, you can identify and begin to process the symptoms you feel.

You can remove the programs created by those experiences instead of staying on an endless conveyor belt of negative feelings.

Suddenly, your efforts begin to stick...

You stop feeling powerless, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

You start living with more peace, joy, and presence.

Every session, journey, meditation, and wellness experience is more effective.

Every dollar put into your health efforts becomes more valuable.

This one shift in focus puts you on the path to finally experiencing the breakthroughs your heart knows is possible.

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"My experience with this framework has been profound.

The tools and techniques are grounded in scientific research, and this is what attracted me as an academic. The process used is validated to not only provide a guided exploration into emotional patterns, but to also provide tools and resources to gain insights and healing. I know the process works through my first-hand experience in emotional healing that is necessary as a cancer patient.

Sandra S.

Here's Everything Included In Your Precision Emotional Healing Experience

Rooted in over a dozen psychological theories and the latest academic research in neuroscience and psychology, Precision Emotional Healing™ is a personalized approach that supports your intuitive healing efforts with real-time emotional data and live community support.

What Happens After You Sign Up:

1STEP 1: Log your emotional experiences Log present day triggers & collect emotional data points.

2STEP 2: Attend your 90-minute Mapping Session Map your nervous system with a certified space-holder.

3STEP 3: Receive your Emotional Lab Report Pinpoint the root causes of your stress & triggers.

4STEP 4: Act on next-step guidance Clarity on how to continue your wellness journey.

5STEP 5: Get community support Be seen, heard, & supported by like-minded souls.


Download the Liber8 App and begin logging your emotional experiences

The liber8 app is a reflection tool to help you document specific data points about your negative and positive thought loops, emotional triggers, and behavior patterns to build a real-time snapshot of what's happening in your nervous system when you experience anxiety, depression, fear, relationship conflict, or chronic pain.

Logging your stressors in the moments they happen is crucial to Precision Emotional Healing. Instead of relying on our imperfect memory alone, it allows us to revisit your emotional experiences with clarity to get the most accurate picture of what is happening in your nervous system.

This lays the foundation for an incredibly beneficial mapping session.


Attend your 90-min Mapping Session

Once you've logged a few triggers, you're ready to attend your mapping session.

Clients describe mapping sessions as conversations with a beloved friend who sees and hears them fully.

Your experienced space holder will walk you through a process for uncovering the history of your emotional patterns and behaviors. You'll uncover forgotten memories, hidden belief systems, unprocessed emotions, and key events that shape your identity and contribute to your present-day stressors, behaviors and conditioning. You'll also begin to get a clear picture of how your nervous system navigates adversity. You'll begin to see how your present day emotional triggers are linked to earlier experiences and influences in life.

Mapping sessions aren't designed to directly heal your nervous system, but previous attendees have found them to be incredibly cathartic and illuminating. The simple awareness of how your nervous system is wired can lead to profound shifts in the way you respond to adversity moving forward.

Furthermore, our space holders are here to hold you with care. They're trained to see you and hear you. They'll meet you where you are, hold your hand, and celebrate your being. They'll move at your pace and they'll never push you further than you want to go. Each space holder is selected because of their ability to help you feel safe enough to open up and unpack your most difficult emotional experiences.


Receive your Emotional Lab Report

Using trigger logging data and insights from your mapping session, your Emotional Lab Report details a history of your learned emotional patterns - tracked back to childhood - along with insights on how these patterns play out in different areas of your life today. You'll discover insights about your core emotional wounds, learned limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns, and how these pieces play together to create your unique nervous system makeup.

Your report pulls the pieces of the jigsaw together.

It offers a precise starting point for your journey towards emotional freedom.

No longer are you guessing what's under the hood. You'll begin to understand the root causes of why you feel how you do and understand where to focus your efforts moving forward.


Next-Step Guidance

We analyze your results against hundreds of data sets to recommend helpful resources for your journey.

Next-step recommendations vary by tier and are tailored to where we see you need the most support.

BASIC PLAN - Level 1 resources:

Make your current wellness tools more effective. The basic plan best suits people who already have a suite of tools and practitioners to support them.

Expect books, podcasts, journaling prompts, and perspectives that empower you to work with your chosen practitioners in a more focused and targeted way.

PREMIUM PLAN - Level 1 & 2 resources:

This option best suits people who want a more concrete plan and support from our network of vetted practitioners & therapeutic approaches.

We'll start with a detailed consultation to understand your health goals and current life situation. Next, we'll create a 3-month plan to inspire action and empower progress. In addition to Level 1 resources, your plan includes recommendations for daily, weekly, & monthly practices. If you have resources for 1:1 support, we'll connect you to vetted practitioners in our network (based on your budget and desire).

The premium plan also includes additional mapping sessions so we can track your progress and ensure you're moving towards the goals you've defined for yourself.


Community Support - Liber8 Healing Collective

Community-based support is a cornerstone philosophy that fuels our approach to improved nervous system health. Our research & lived experience has shown us that you can't be your best in isolation.

Since we learned our unhelpful beliefs and behavioral patterns from others, it makes sense that the most effective way to shift them will be alongside others too.

This is why we created The Liber8 Collective.

The Liber8 Collective is a free community of individuals who have gone through our mapping process and have committed to taking their mental, emotional, and spiritual health journeys in their own hands.

Inside of our collective, you can access our rolodex of vetted tools, curriculums, group sharing circles, expert Q&A's, and live guided sessions to help you work through the findings from your report in a safe, supported, and effective manner.

Health is complex and multi-faceted. We all have different experiences and move at different paces.

Thanks to the collective, you don't have to walk this path alone.

Which plan is right for you?


Upgrade your Precision Emotional Healing package with a personalized healing plan consultation, and more:

  • Trigger logging app
  • Three 90-minute Emotional Mapping Sessions
  • Emotional Lab Report
  • Level 1 Resource Recommendations
  • Access to the Liber8 Collective
  • Deep dive intake
  • 3-month personalized health plan with daily, weekly, and monthly action items
  • Matching service to connect you with vetted practitioners who can help with deeper healing


Exactly how will Precision Emotional Healing help me?

Precision Emotional Healing removes guesswork and empowers you with a CLEAR understanding of where to focus your efforts to make measurable improvements in your mental & emotional well-being - coupled with the support to keep you going, no matter what.

We can remove confusion and help clarify the path best suited to your emotional health goals, based on our decades of experience, research, and insight.

We can guarantee that you will understand yourself and the people you love better. We can guarantee that you will walk away with a sense of empowerment; remembering how much innate power you have to liberate yourself.

photo of Makensie

"This was an incredible experience that allowed me to begin to pinpoint and bring awareness and understanding around the root cause and origin of my emotional triggers that have plagued me my entire life.

This process has allowed me to add tools to my toolbox and arrows to my quiver that I can pull out and draw upon in my practice of awareness and recreation of my responses to these emotional triggers for truly lasting change and transformation."

Makensie P.

photo of Jordan

"If you have patterns, blocks, and fears that you don't know how to put into words or actions that lead to healing, this is for you.

I am generally not an emotional person, but I have been brought to the most beautiful tears through the work that Liber8 is doing. Their process is unique, powerful and will introduce you to the most genuine people you will ever meet. These are safe people and this is a safe space. Healing is a daunting concept and it can be tough to know where to start or where to go next. Whether you are already doing the work or you're looking for a place to start, stop what you're doing and start here. If you have patterns, blocks, and fears that you don't know how to put into words or actions that lead to healing, this is for you.

Jordan W.

photo of Laura

"Transformative healing..."

"For me, the most transformative part was the felt sense, experiential, healing, basically transformative healing that took place when one walked through the process with that level of deep active listening that was just holding the space. That, to me, is the magic and the gold... aside from the fact that I feel more peaceful, literally, my labs are better."

Laura M.

The path back to your true self doesn't have to be so hard.

There's a more efficient path to personal liberation if you're ready and willing to lean in.

You don't need to spend an abundance of time, money, and energy to experience breakthroughs in your mental & emotional well-being.

Backed by over a dozen psychological theories and the latest research in neuroscience and psychology. the Precision Emotional Healing framework is THE tool we all wish we had when we first began our journeys.

— The Liber8 Team

Liber8 Team

Which plan is right for you?


Your Precision Emotional Healing Basic package includes:

  • Trigger logging app
  • One 90-minute Emotional Mapping Session
  • Emotional Lab Report
  • Level 1 Resource Recommendations
  • Access to the Liber8 Collective
  • Deep dive intake
  • 3-month personalized health plan with daily, weekly, and monthly action items
  • Matching service to connect you with vetted practitioners who can help with deeper healing



Upgrade your Precision Emotional Healing package with a personalized healing plan consultation, and more:

  • Trigger logging app
  • Three 90-minute Emotional Mapping Sessions
  • Emotional Lab Report
  • Level 1 Resource Recommendations
  • Access to the Liber8 Collective
  • Deep dive intake
  • 3-month personalized health plan with daily, weekly, and monthly action items
  • Matching service to connect you with vetted practitioners who can help with deeper healing


Frequently Asked Questions

The Precision Emotional Healing framework relies on your insights and real-time emotional data. You are a co-pilot on this journey with us. Therefore, you must download our app and log one to two emotional experiences before attending your 90-min mapping session. Logging your emotions is an intuitive and reflective practice, and thanks to our tried-and-tested framework, you'll find it easy to do. On average, people spend between 5-10 minutes on each log (depending on the amount of detail you want to capture). We send you short quick-start videos to help you get started in a seamless manner.

After that, you will attend a 90-minute mapping session before receiving your comprehensive Emotional Lab Report.

What you do with the findings in your Emotional Lab is up to you. You can move at lightning speed or take your time implementing next steps. We'll provide you with targeted resources and recommendations, plus access to a supportive community so you can continue your journey with clarity, confidence, and precision at whatever pace you choose to move.

Moreover, our team is on hand to guide and support you throughout the process.

Please note Precision Emotional Healing is NOT a replacement for therapy or professional support.

Our process is not intended to heal or diagnose any condition or disease. Each person's wellness journey is multidimensional and complex, with many steps. Our Precision Emotional Healing process & resulting Emotional Lab Reports are an important FIRST step on the path and is designed to help you get to your desired goals faster with less confusion and more support.

As many everyday emotional responses stem from difficult childhood experiences, it's not uncommon for the mapping sessions to uncover hidden traumas. If a mapping session opens up something difficult for you, know that you'll be able to access our team of trained personnel, space holders, and mental health professionals within our networks. We're here to help with crisis management to ensure you're safe and supported by the help you need.

Crisis support is available on a pay-what-you-can basis. We won't turn anyone away from the support they need because they lack financial resources.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Precision Emotional Healing and our other offerings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The contents of the website, our app, and other products, such as text, graphics, images, and other materials created by us or obtained from our licensors, are for informational purposes only. All such content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website, our app, or our other materials.

If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency assistance phone number immediately.