Access Inner Strength, Reduce Your Fears, and Reclaim Your Power After A Cancer Diagnosis

Limited to 60 participants
Next cohort begins on April 1, 2024

Precision Emotional Healing for Cancer is a live 3-month group program to help you learn and implement specific tools to master your mindset, calm your nervous system, and cultivate the emotional resilience needed to navigate the highs and lows of cancer with grace.

In 90-days, you’ll walk away with:

  • Effective tools to help you work through challenging emotions and traumas as they arise throughout the cancer journey
  • New skills to help you feel less triggered and successfully navigate stressful life events
  • Powerful perspectives to help create more harmony in your interpersonal relationships
  • Personalized care practices to help you rewire your nervous system and feel more grounded on a regular basis
  • Data-driven reports to help you create more rapport with primary care teams
  • A loving community of like-minded individuals to support and encourage your healing journey

This program is open to cancer patients, survivers, thrivers and caregivers.

What is at the root of the emotions you are feeling?

A cancer diagnosis wreaks havoc on your nervous system.

Not only is the big trauma of a cancer diagnosis incredibly taxing…

But the news can open up chronic stress from challenging life experiences that you didn’t have the space or time to deal with before.

And when you add in the daily stressors and fears that accompany living with cancer…

System overload.

If you’re living with cancer, you likely have dozens of programs running in the background of your mind that are making it hard for your nervous system to stay calm, grounded, and positive.

These programs might alter your sense of self, disrupt the way you think, and steal your peace of mind.

They might put a magnifying glass on your worries and fears.

They might cause you to lose sleep, snap at the people you love, or get consumed by endless worries of the future.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel…

What could be possible if you learned to control the worry and fears you feel?

While you can’t control the physical disease, you can learn to tame your overactive nervous system and get your life back. 

Humans are naturally resilient, self-healing organisms, but sometimes we end up with too much noise and too many programs running in the background, which causes the entire system to run slower.

Sometimes to the point of shutdown.

Reducing the background noise produced by an overactive nervous system is like FINALLY closing all of those programs so you can focus on healing

And when you close down those unhelpful programs, your entire system can start functioning as it’s supposed to again.

“This is what’s missing in cancer treatment.

Trauma’s are shelved until the tumor gets attention but the tumor is responding to the trauma, not the therapies. The undeniable connection between the mind and body demands that we address the emotional turmoil that cancer patients experience, not just the tumors they battle.

When an individual is perpetually engulfed in their triggers, fears, and reactive behaviors, they may struggle to benefit from treatments and healing practices. Acknowledging and addressing these emotional barriers can effectively facilitate personal awareness and empower individuals to make the necessary changes for their healing journey. Liber8 provides quantifiable, measurable feedback through evaluations, allowing individuals to track their progress and make improvements over time. This balance of addressing both facts and feelings allows for a more comprehensive approach to the healing process.

— Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, Best Selling Author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

Precision Emotional Healing is for you if:

You experience consistent fear, worry, or emotional “freak outs”

You have high stress or cortisol levels

You don’t feel like you’re doing enough or doing the right things

You don’t have a safe space in your life to talk freely or cry

You struggle to explain why you feel the way that you do

Your brain has a hard time taking a break

You struggle with being kind and patient with yourself

You feel like a burden to others and struggle asking for help

You sense there’s an emotional root to your physical health symptoms

You feel alone, misunderstood, and unseen in your relationships

You feel unclear, unsettled, or uncertain about your future

You feel defeated and a loss of purpose since getting your cancer diagnosis

If you resonate with any of the sentiments above, please know you are not alone.

Here's the good news

When you implement specific practices to address the chronic stress from your overactive nervous system...

You can begin to process the symptoms you feel instead of staying stuck in negativity and fear.

Suddenly, your healing efforts begin to stick…

You stop feeling powerless, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

You start living with more peace, joy, and presence.

Every therapy, treatment, and wellness experience is more effective.

Every dollar put into your health efforts becomes more valuable.

This one shift in focus puts you on the path to creating the mindset and emotional resilience needed to finally experience the wellness breakthroughs your heart knows is possible.

90-Day Results from past Precision Emotional Healing for Cancer participants

What Happens After You Sign Up


Attend Live Kick Off Call on April 1st, 2024

Meet others in your cohort, set the foundation for success, and discuss next steps in the Precision Emotional Healing process.


Log Your Emotions and Attend Your First 1:1 Mapping Session

Log current emotions, fears, and triggers in the Liber8 app. Afterwards, map your emotional health history with a certified Liber8 space-holder.


Receive Emotional Lab Report With 3-Month Action Plan

Pinpoint the root programs contributing to your stress & emotional triggers. Receive a 3-month plan with specific actions to redirect your nervous system.


Act on Next-Steps In A Safe and Supportive Community

Take action on your plan alongside others in the Liber8 collective. Be seen, heard, & supported by like-minded souls who understand you are more than your diagnosis.


Track Your Progress and Measure Your Results

Attend follow up mapping sessions to track progress and make adjustments to your action plan. Quantify emotional resilience and overall quality of life improvements.

What makes Precision Emotional Healing different from other emotional wellness programs?

01: Real-Time Emotional Tracking with the Liber8 App

Throughout the course of your program, we will be using real-time emotional data to make adjustments to your Precision Emotional Healing plans. 

The liber8 app is a POWERFUL tool to help you document specific data points about your negative and positive thought loops, emotional triggers, and behavior patterns to build a real-time snapshot of what’s happening in your nervous system when you experience anxiety, depression, fear, relationship conflict, chronic pain, or physical health flare ups.

Instead of relying on our imperfect memory alone, logging your stressors in the moments they happen allows us to revisit your emotional experiences with clarity to get the most accurate picture of what is happening in your nervous system.

You get LIFETIME access to the Liber8 app by joining Precision Emotional Healing For Cancer.

02: Private 1-on-1 sessions for you to unpack your feelings

As part of your program you get THREE 90-minute emotional mapping sessions with trained spaceholders on our team. Past clients describe mapping sessions as conversations with a beloved friend who sees and hears them fully.

Your Liber8 space holder will walk you through a process for uncovering the history of your emotional patterns and behaviors.

In each session, we’ll hold a safe space for you to unpack a difficult, emotional experience that you’re feeling today. With the guidance and support of your space holder, we will also guide you through a process to uncover the forgotten memories, hidden belief systems, unprocessed emotions, and key events that shaped the way your nervous system responds to adversity. You’ll create a clear picture of the root causes contributing to reactive behaviors and emotional volatility.

You’ll begin to see how your present day health symptoms are linked to earlier experiences and influences in life.

Mapping sessions aren’t designed to directly rewire your nervous system, but previous attendees have found them to be incredibly cathartic and illuminating. The simple awareness of how your nervous system is wired can lead to profound shifts in the way you respond to adversity moving forward.

Furthermore, our space holders are here to hold you with care. They’re trained to see you and hear you. They’ll meet you where you are, hold your hand, and celebrate your being. Each space holder is selected because of their ability to help you feel safe enough to open up and unpack your most difficult emotional experiences.

03: Three-Month Action Plan Tailored To Your Needs

After reviewing your deep dive intake about your health goals and current life situation, we analyze the results from your mapping session against hundreds of data sets to create a personalized 3-month Precision Emotional Healing plan (included in your Emotional Lab Report) designed to help you develop more emotional resilience and awareness, healthier coping mechanisms for stress, and address the root psychological causes contributing to your dysregulated nervous system in an effective manner.

In addition to books, podcasts, journaling prompts, precision wellness tools, and live workshops, your plan includes a self-paced curriculum and recommendations for daily, weekly, & monthly practices that you can do on your own and alongside others. If you have resources for 1:1 support, we’ll connect you to vetted practitioners in our network (based on your budget and desire)

Your plan is professionally designed to inspire & empower you with the tools and information you need to feel hopeful and supported throughout your cancer journey. Over the course of three months, we will be making adjustments to your plan based on your progress.

04: LIFETIME access to the Liber8 Healing Collective

A community of cancer patients, survivors, thrivers, and patient advocates
who are working on or have completed their Precision Emotional Healing Plans.

Health is complex and the journey to optimum well-being is multi-faceted. We all have different experiences and needs and move at different paces. A key part of becoming emotionally resilient is to realize you don’t have to walk difficult journeys alone and that you have support systems you can lean on during challenging times

This is why we give you LIFETIME access to the Liber8 Healing Collective.

The Collective is a community of cancer patients, survivers, thrivers, & patient advocates who are working on or have already completed their Precision Emotional Healing programs. These are individuals who have committed to taking their mental, emotional, and spiritual health journeys in their own hands.

Thanks to the collective, you never have to walk this path alone. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with likeminded people and be supported by other cancer patients as well as advocates who understand the journey you are on.

Transform Your Mind Into  Your Greatest Health Ally

Precision Emotional Healing removes guesswork and empowers you with a CLEAR understanding of HOW to make lasting improvements in your mental & emotional well-being – coupled with the support to keep you going, no matter what.

When you combine…

The types of results you can experience are profound.

We can guarantee that you will walk away with new tools and skills to work through your challenging emotions as they arise throughout the cancer journey.

We can guarantee that you will understand yourself and the people you love better.

We can guarantee that you will walk away with a more resilient, empowered, and hopeful outlook on life.

More Testimonials From Past Participants

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of consciousness explorers, scientists, health professionals, and trainers who have collectively invested 20+ years in researching and using various tools and modalities to support our own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Precision Emotional Healing for Cancer was specifically developed after years of rigorous testing with scientists, oncologists, and psychologists to ensure that every part of the program is aligned with the latest research in neuroscience and integrative oncology so that you can get the best of mind-body-wellness in one effective, efficient, and transformational experience.

Built by experts.

Trusted by doctors.

Validated by science.

Life changing for you.

Precision Emotional Healing For Cancer


Kick Off Date: April 1, 2024

Future Price: $697

Limited 60 Person Group Cohort: $597

($100 Discount)

Invest in your emotional well-being for less than $7 per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we cannot guarantee these results for every participant, we can share that those who follow through on the plans we create for them have experienced dramatic changes in their lives. These changes include but are not limited to:

  • Changes in labs and cancer markers
  • Turn-arounds in marriages and relationships
  • Less anxious, afraid, and alone
  • A decrease in depression and negative self-talk
  • An improved sense of meaning and purpose
  • An increased ability to manage stress & emotional triggers
  • More compassion for themselves & others
  • A decrease in fear (of testing, of cancer, etc.)
  • An improved sense of belonging, tribe, and community  
  • And so much more…

This process relies on your insights and real-time emotional data. You are a co-pilot on this journey with us. Therefore, you must download our app and log one to two emotional experiences before attending your 90-min mapping session. Logging your emotions is an intuitive and reflective practice, and thanks to our tried-and-tested framework, you’ll find it easy to do. On average, people spend between 5-10 minutes on each log (depending on the amount of detail you want to capture). We send you short quick-start videos to help you get started in a seamless manner.

After that, you will attend a 90-minute mapping session before receiving your comprehensive Emotional Lab Report.

What you do with the findings in your Emotional Lab is up to you. You can move at lightning speed or take your time implementing next steps. We’ll provide you with targeted resources and recommendations, plus access to a supportive community so you can continue your journey with clarity, confidence, and precision at whatever pace you choose to move. Moreover, our team is on hand to guide and support you throughout the process. 

Our most successful clients invest between 60-90 minutes per week doing their daily practices, attending group calls, and completing the exercises we give them. 

This is a group program and your time over 3 months will go between meeting together as a group to work through exercises and doing individual work on your own schedule. You can go through the program individually as all of the calls will be recorded but you will miss the synergy of a group which can be profoundly helpful. You gain opportunities to ask questions live and make lifelong friends. There is something powerful about doing this work alongside others who are moving through similar challenges as you. 

Inside of the Liber8 app, you will be documenting specific data points about your negative and positive thought loops, emotional triggers, and behavior patterns to build a real-time snapshot of what’s happening in your nervous system when you experience anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear, relationship conflict, chronic pain, or physical health flare ups.

We are bound by and follow strict HIPAA guidelines and utilize Salesforce, a fully HIPAA compliant tool, ensuring the highest levels of security possible for your data. Our system requires 2-factor authentication for all users to enter and security profiles are set up such that a Liber8 team member will only have access to your data when you have an Emotional Mapping session scheduled with them. After your Emotional Mapping session is complete, the team member who was assigned to you will not be able to access your data any more.

No entries will ever be viewed by any party outside of Liber8 without your explicit written or verbal consent. You can also request an account deletion within the app and that will wipe all the data we have stored.

We likely exceed some of the HIPAA requirements with the level of security we implement but it is extremely important that you do not hold back at all and authentically share emotions as they arise in the app so your safety with this tool is our utmost concern.

Clients describe mapping sessions as conversations with a beloved friend who sees and hears them fully.

Over 90 minutes, a trained specialist on our team will walk you through a process for uncovering the history of your emotional patterns and behaviors. You’ll uncover forgotten memories, hidden belief systems, unprocessed emotions, and key events that shaped your nervous system and contributes to present-day insecurities, reactive behaviors, and emotional volatility. You’ll get a clear picture of how your nervous system navigates adversity. If you have unexplainable health symptoms, you’ll begin to see how they are linked to earlier experiences,  choices, and influences in life.

Emotional Mapping sessions aren’t designed to directly rewire your nervous system, but previous attendees have found them to be incredibly cathartic and illuminating. The simple awareness of how your nervous system is wired can lead to profound shifts in the way you feel moving forward.

Your Emotional Mapping session is run by a experienced peers. Each experienced peer is carefully selected to join our team because of their ability to help you feel safe, the relevancy of prior trainings and certifications they have completed, and their personal experience with healing trauma or overcoming challenges similar to yours before we take them through a rigorous training to learn our Emotional Mapping process and use our Precision Emotional Healing technology.

Our experienced peers are not here to fix, heal, or coach you.  They’re trained to see you and hear you. They’ll meet you where you are, hold your hand, and celebrate you as you are. 

Since we are not providing therapy or counseling during the 1-on-1 sessions, we don’t currently have any licensed mental health professional supporting in those roles but we do have access to licensed professionals in the event that our clients require in-depth support.

Using logging data and insights from your mapping session, your Emotional Lab Report details a history of your learned emotional patterns – tracked back to childhood – along with insights on how these patterns play out in different areas of your life today. You’ll discover insights about your core emotional wounds, learned limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns, and how these pieces play together to create your unique personality and nervous system makeup.

No longer are you guessing what’s under the hood. You’ll begin to understand the root causes of why you feel how you do and understand where to focus your efforts moving forward. Your report offers a precise starting point for your journey towards emotional freedom, and gives you the necessary information to help make future sessions with your counselor, therapist, or practitioners of choice more effective.

Your Precision Emotional Healing recommendations (included in your report) are specifically designed to help you develop more emotional resilience and awareness, healthier coping mechanisms for stress, and address the root emotional causes contributing to poor nervous system health in an effective manner.

In addition to books, podcasts, journaling prompts, and a self-paced curriculum, your recommendations include precision tools for nervous system regulation and daily practices that you can do on your own and alongside others. If you have resources for 1:1 support, we’ll connect you to vetted practitioners in our network (based on your budget and desire)

Please note that ordering your Emotional Lab Report or joining a Precision Emotional Healing program is NOT a replacement for therapy or professional support.

Each person’s wellness journey is multidimensional and complex, with many steps. 

Our Emotional Lab Reports and Precision Emotional Healing programs are  valuable TOOLS to help you get to your desired goals faster and feel supported outside of clinical settings. The insights you gain from the process of getting your Emotional Lab Report will make all of your wellness efforts more effective and are an incredible supplement to therapy and professional support. 

As many everyday emotional responses stem from difficult childhood experiences, it’s not uncommon for the mapping sessions to uncover hidden traumas. If a mapping session opens up something difficult for you, know that you’ll be able to access our team of trained personnel, peer support specialists, and mental health professionals within our networks. We’re here to help with crisis management to ensure you’re safe and supported by the help you need.

Crisis support is available on a pay-what-you-can basis. We won’t turn anyone away from the support they need because they lack financial resources.

All of the group calls are recorded and you decide when your one-on-one sessions are scheduled. All of the homework is self paced. You also get lifetime access to the course materials, community, Liber8 app, and all of the resources we provide so even if you begin and need longer to complete the program there is no rush for you. Our intention is to be a support for your journey not a hindrance so everything is designed with flexibility and ease in mind. 

All of the calls will be recorded and available for you to review on your own

We begin a new cancer specific group cohort at the beginning of each month. If the timing is not right for this cohort or if we are at max capacity for the group you are interested in joining, you can sign up for a future group. 

At this moment in time, we do not offer payment plans. Our sister organization, Humans Are Good, does offer scholarships for select individuals who are eligible for financial aid. Please visit their website to see if you apply. 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Precision Emotional Healing and our other offerings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The contents of the website, our app, and other products, such as text, graphics, images, and other materials created by us or obtained from our licensors, are for informational purposes only. All such content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website, our app, or our other materials.

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